High Rise Glass

A group of high rise flats in Nottingham city centre provided the basis of inspiration for this range of glass work. The buildings were studied and a set of C.N.C cut glass molds were developed for molten glass to be blown into. The glass was then cold worked and turned into sculptural vessels. Due to the nature of the molds the glass can be blown and mass produced in any colour from the glass spectrum.

 Curtain hooks and Tie Backs

Blown glass, wood and copper tie backs and curtain hooks are made to a high standard and look fabulous in your home, bar or restaurant. The glass finials can be blown in any colour within the gass spectrum and can have pattern or several colours blown into them to fit into the surroundings of your room. They can also be made opaque or transparent.

The brackets are polished copper and serve as a tie back or hook to place a heavy copper curtain rail on.

The wood can be made in many diffrent types of wood to suit the feel of the room.  For a bit of extra sparkle the finials can have small LEDs placed into them to highlihgt the glass in the evening. These curtain hooks and tie backs have proved very popular and are bespoke for each customer. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any more information on this product. 


Indiviual hooks are priced at £35. Discounts are offered when purchasing sets of two or three.


Anna Wheelhouse Art

Bentink Art Studios

Unit 31 (6A)

Gamble Street







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