Rather then creating more blown glass pieces I decided that up cycling an existing and often unused and dis-guarded object would be good fun. 

These demijohns have been cut and hand polished and finished into lamp shades. They have no bottom and a lighting fixture has been developed to fit into the bottle neck. They can be ordained with any design and create a beautiful light in your home, bar or restaurant. The image sandblasted onto the demijohns will project around the area it is situated in. 

The demijohns can be table lamps, ceiling lights (complete with ceiling rose and hanging chain) or used as a mesmerising candle lamp which is suitable for outdoor use too.

On ordering, you are able to choose glass colour, shade design, flex colour and light fixture colour. Any design can be created, you can even send me your own ideas or a drawing your child has done which can then be made into a light that projects shapes around their room. 

Please contact me for any more information on the form below.

Table lamps from £80 complete with light fitting and coloured flex

Hanging Light Shades complete with chain and ceiling Rose from £80

Light fitting options.

Flex Colour options

These light shades can be sold on their own and used as decorative table pieces with candles inside for £50. They can also be sold without the bottoms cut off as a decorative glass piece with fairy lights in to illuminate the design for £40

The Angel Micro Brewery Chandelier

This chandelier consists of eleven demi johns and is suspended in the dance hall of the Angel Micro Brewery in Nottingham. 


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