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Commercial Work

Hocus Pocas Soft Play Centre, Beeston, Nottingham

Shop signage, shutters and Logos

IMG_20210407_171830_226 (1).jpg
CDN Tae Kwon Do.jpg

Hair of the Dog, Nottingham

Bespoke Glass frosting, Logo etching, lighting,  signage and immersive dog themed murals.

Kings Mill Hospital 

The Tree of Life was commissioned by The Organ Donation Trust and is situated in Kings Mill Hospital Reception foyer. The Mural consists of laser cut perspex butterflies and a hand painted tree complete with forget me knots at its base; the three symbols the trust has adopted as their logo. 

This mural is situated in the reception area of the building and moves with the sun as it moves across the sky throughout the day. As the light shines through the butterflies bright colours and shadows project across the wall. 


By Nathan Bainbridge ( and Anna Wheelhouse


'In memory and celebration of all tissue and organ donors who at the end of life, gave a lifetime.'

The Boiler Maker, Nottingham

In December 2014 Red Bull commissioned a group of Nottingham based artists to liven up some of the new independant bars in Nottingham City Centre. I had the pleasure of painting the Boiler Maker Bar with a local graffiti artist Kaption One. Bespoke ivy themed wallpaper now brightens up the space in the conservatory where you can enjoy fantastic cocktails in a Speackeasy themed bar. 


The Boiler Maker, Hockley, Nottingham

Green Heart City and The Urban Worm

The Urban Worm had the pleasure to host the Green HeART City project, a live art event funded by the Arts Council England and Nottingham City Council. Working around the theme of ‘Life’

10 artists produced 10 very diverse pieces of work using the Wheelie Bin Wormery as a canvas, celebrating gardens, worms and art. The individuality of each piece illustrates the beauty of human diversity, reflected in the natural world.  

The final pieces of Wheelie Bin Wormery art, along with 20,000 worms have been given to 10 social enterprises, charities and educational institutions throughout the city, Nottingham is making ‘Black Gold’ in style! 

My role within this project was to select and coordinate the artists and produce a wormery painting of my own. I have since painted several more wormeries to order.


The Nottingham Playhouse Live painting and theatre open day

The Nottingham Playhouse, situated next to the Royal Albert Hall and the Cathedral is an independant theatre with a large outdoor seating area. The dustbins for the theatres restaurant are situated on the street and were becoming unsightly. We were contacted by the theatre and asked to come up with a solution so we had a live painting day. We tied it in with the theatre open day and had a fabulous live paint where myself and artist Rebecca Autumn Barker MacClean decorated the three industrial bins with theatre themed murals. 

The bins are now a popular attraction and provide a bright and eye catching walk to the front of the theatre for its customers.

Duncan Macmillan House

Learning and Development Department NHS

6 patterned panels and 2 large murals, one of the building and one of the Nottingham city skyline, painted by Nathan Bainbridge aka Smallkid and myself for the Learning and Development department of Duncan Macmillan House, Porchester Road, Nottingham

Bullwell Forest Gardens


Ugly Bread Bakery

Painted with Raze Arts in the busy city centre restaurant. The owner wanted an immersive floral effect. 

The Chameleon Arts Cafe

I was asked to turn the Chameleon Music Hall into a New York Subway. Myself and Ego Worrier spent three days tagging and layering authentic tags from New York throughout history and some local Nottingham Graffiti writers names too. Embossed wallpaper gave it the New York Tiles look

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